NG Brett 1849J5

C1157055 pricing Semen $25 $35 per certificate Name: NG Brett 1849J5ID: C1157055Location: Cottage Farm Genetics Brett is an exciting young Homozygous Polled herdsire out of our cornerstone donor CHRK Black Ruby 1849X and sired by our proven staple to the program MCK Flint Rock 142! He has been an exceptional natural breeder and his first…

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NG Next Generation 622J9

C1166887 pricing Semen $25 $35 per certificate Name: NG NEXT GENERATION 622J9ID: C1166887Location: Show Me Genetics | Strafford, MO No introduction is needed when you study Next Generation. Being sired by the syndicated CJ’s Revolution and out of the great Destiny 4622 donor that is coming off of a 3/4 genetic sibling to Next Generation…

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VFF Coal 1017G

C1116925 pricing Semen $25 $35 per certificate Name: VFF Coal 1017 GID: 1017G As Summit continues to leave a mark and MISS CJ 860’s impact in the breed grows, Coal brings together legends like Levi and Painted Tiger with Motown and REA king J&K 1001. Coal impressively ranks in the top 15% REA and 3%…

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C1052714 pricing Semen $65 Signings $5 McAlester 4521 has established himself as a Beefmaster Legend. Currently ranked in the top 1% of the breed for REA EPD, McAlester is adding impressive growth and power to his offspring and attracting some of the beef industry’s largest cow calf operations. Currently ranking in the top 1% for…

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HDH Doughboy

C1114431 pricing Semen $25 $75 per certificate It doesn’t take much time studying this bull to realize why McAlester has made such a mark on the industry. Doughboy compiles power, dimension, functionality, and an impressive data set! This is a sleep-easy calving bull that will pack on the pounds to any calf crop as he…

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MR CJ’s Fireball


C1085440 pricing Semen $25 $75 per certificate Ring of Fire and Eye Candy have struck again and this time in a red, polled package! Fireball is a curve bending bull that explodes from a low birthweight of 77 lbs. and a negative birthweight EPD to a top 1% and 2% WW and YW performance herdsire.…

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NG Gulf Stream


C1123569 pricing Semen $25 $75 per certificate A powerful black McAlester son out of the famous Black Ruby 1849X Donor! Gulf Stream brings a negative BW and solid maternal foundation and couples it with a performance spread that is off the chart. He currently ranks top 1% for WW, YW, SC, $T, and $M; his…

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MCK Flint Rock 142


C1103594 pricing Semen $25 $35 per certificate This is another young herdsire with a flawless design and powerful performance who is poised to make his mark upon the breed in a big way!  Impressive performance started early as he ratioed 111, 105, 102, and 118 for WW, YW, REA, and IMF respectively. MCK Flint Rock…

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Hood Red Reserve 710H

red reserve

C1085618 pricing Semen $25 $35 per certificate Hood Red Reserve checks all the boxes, proving that it is possible to stack serious carcass merit and maternal worth into one powerful, yet eye appealing package! This homozygous polled, red powerhouse posts stunning EPD percentile rankings while keeping a Top 1% EPD for Calving Ease and Birth…

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