CJ’s Blackmail



Semen $25
$35 per certificate

Name: CJ Blackmail
ID: 1901

 A powerful Homozygous Polled Game On son, Blackmail is a true herd changer with his impressive BWT to WWT ratios and a pedigree including some of the breeds great cow families with Diamond of Soul, Oasis, and Dark Secret all in his immediate background.

Blackmail boasts an impressive birth to weaning spread from 64 to 727 putting him in the top 3% and 1% of those EPD’s respectively. Along with those, Blackmail ranks in the top 1% for CE, YW, MWWT, SC, $T, and %M as well as in the top 10% Milk and 15% MARB. Blackmail will quickly become a top choice for a black and polled sire to add bone and muscle to his calves as well as being a heifer bull with elite growth and carcass.