VFF Coal 1017G



Semen $25
$35 per certificate

Name: VFF Coal 1017 G
ID: 1017G

As Summit continues to leave a mark and MISS CJ 860’s impact in the breed grows, Coal brings together legends like Levi and Painted Tiger with Motown and REA king J&K 1001.

Coal impressively ranks in the top 15% REA and 3% MARB along with his impressive scan of 13.34 and 6.15! Along with that, he ranks in the top 5% in $M, top 10% WW, MWWT, SC, and $T as well as the top 15% CE, YW, Stay, and 20% BW! Coal will prove himself anywhere he is used in the females he will produce that last years and years and his sons that can push the breed forward with his performance and carcass traits or move any program forward with his steer progeny in the feedlot.